Live In Cologne, Germany October 18th, 2001

So here they are, the first couple of songs of the Hot Pockets Live in Cologne. Be ready for some off-key guitars and off-key vocals!!!
But there's more, you can now hear the Hot Pockets insulting the audience and making really bad jokes!!!

Rocket Street (1094KB)
2 Faced Debby (1062KB)
Mess Of Fire (2074KB)
Shot Of You (1234KB)
Mouthful (790KB)
I Got Love (880KB)
Hot Pants (1052KB)
What I Got (908KB)
Satisfaction (1158KB)
Messed Up (1140KB)
(intro: the introduction of the man who puked thru his nose)
All Kindsa Girls (2063KB)
(with the singer of the Backwood Creatures)

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