Right: The Hot Pockets 2000 Tour. (This picture of Adam appeared in a German newspaper, Munster september 2000, picture by Flo.)  

Left: The Hot Pockets at the Bunker, where they made their first recordings. (may 1998)

Right: An arty picture of a glove and a guitar (The glove was worn by Adam, who also played the guitar, february 1999)

The Hot Pockets in Paris, they played for half an hour (an encore included, february 1999) This picture to the left is not the Village People but The Hot Pockets in Belgium, Diksmuide actually. (february 1999. By the way, did you know only the Indian was gay)
At the first day of the Hot Pockets Europe 2000 tour they got stranded in a roadblock on their way to Utrecht, click here to see and read all about it
Click here for some juicy pictures of the Hot Pockets in Paderborn.

Live in the Vera, Groningen, rockcity number one? Click here to see some amazing pictures of the Hot Pockets playing on the biggest stage ever.

Click here if you want to know more about the instruments the Hot Pockets used on the 2000 Tour.
Artlovers, click here to see some great artwork that was made to advertise the Hot Pockets shows in Germany. Man, we love those krauts!!

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