...The Hot Pockets,
the band that formed, recorded and split in 5 days....,

And then got back together again.

Here's their incredible story:

"In May '98 four gifted young men came together, talked a bit about good rock 'n' roll and decided to treat the world to some of the best punkrock music recorded in a long, long time. For this purpose they locked themselves up, 36 hours, spread over 5 days, in an old Bunker in Rockcity #1 and learned and recorded 11 of their own songs and 5 covers. Most of this has been released on several 45's, of which the first came out in September 1998. After these 5 days they drank the last of their beers, shook hands and called it quits. The deed was done, the quest had come to an end and the world seemed a happier place. Hits as Rocket Street, Every Time We Get Married, On Tour, Hot Blooded and I Can't Sleep are classics, some yet to be discovered, and covers as Fascist Dictator and Why Do You Live On My Street were done in such a way that it makes you forget the originals.

For the love of rock 'n' roll and especially for all their friends in Groningen, the Hot Pockets did what was meant to be their one and only ever show on August 12th 1998. They performed in the famous Vera club for a very hot and sweaty audience and five days later they did a second recording session in Bunker 105, where they recorded 6 more originals and 1 cover.

Now, wouldn't it have been a pity if no-one else than the elite Vera audience ever had had the chance to experience such a great thing live? It would have! But, the world was lucky, after long negotiations the four young lads agreed with yours sincerly to get together one more time, for goodness sake and for the love of great music, and do five shows in four different countries. The priviliged cities being Münster, Emmen, Diksmuide, Paris and ofcourse Groningen. After this little rampage the Hot Pockets went into a studio to record yet another 14 originals and 3 covers.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: The Hot Pockets. A fine bunch of devoted musicians who live and play in the great spirit of real rock 'n' roll. May your ears be blessed and your body shake!"

Yours sincerly, Bert van der Ro.

Left: The Hot Pockets hanging out at the sidewalk after their first show ever at the world famous VERA-club.

“Well, that was back in 1999. Two years later you could be holding the result of that two days studio session in which the Hot Pockets poured out their hearts and showed the world that the love of good music is not a bad thing.
The mixing of the recordings took the boys over a year and when the results were finally there, the initial record company backed off due to lack of money and interest.
The Hot Pockets don’t regret that because in Screaming Apple they found a devoted and truely interested label that was willing to share the Pocks love for rock’n’roll, and release their debut album ‘Mess Of Fire’ on vinyl. And also the Australian based Stolen Records wanted a piece of the pie, and released Mess Of Fire on CD.
In the meantime, in September 2000 to be precise, the Hot Pockets had toured Holland and Germany again, for nine days, in which time eight clubs and hundreds of people were treated to a live show that might not rank high in sheer brilliance and technical perfection but will seldomly be topped when it comes to honesty, integrity and, again, the real love for good rock’n’roll. The Pockets will return to the scene of the crime in October 2001. Don’t miss ‘m!”

Yours as always, an older and happier,
Bert van der Ro.

“Dear fan and accidental reader,
History has a way of repeating itself, and The Hot Pockets are not much different than your average Joe; they simply can not resist the call of their fans and therefor they will huddle back in to their van once more, opening themselves up to all the pain and frustrations of being on tour, foolishly looking for love, comfort and security.
BUT, The Hot Pockets would rather suffer than leave you standing alone! They know good rock ‘n’ roll is hard to find and they know you want to have a good time, and they want to have a good time too, even if it is for just 40 minutes on a crowded stage. And you know what kids, just between you and me: I think they secretly like the risk of rejection, the risk of failure off stage, the possibility of going home alone. But for a true and faithful heart, and the Hot Pockets are blessed with just such a thing, life can’t get better than when they pour out their hearts to you, on stage, playing their songs for whatever it’s worth, living the dream of rock ‘n’ roll.
Please enjoy them live at one of these shows:
05.10 Tilburg, 013 (NL)
06.10 Kassel, Haus (D)
07.10 Stuttgart, Limelight (D)
11.10 Groningen, Vera (NL) w/Zodiac Killers
12.10 Muenster, Gleis 22 (D) w/Zodiac Killers
13.10 Dresden, Groove Station (D)
14.10 Berlin, t.b.a. (D)
16.10 Bremen, Tower. (D)
17.10 Amsterdam, VPRO-radio (NL)
18.10 Koln, M.T.C. (D)
19.10 Emden, Grusewsky (D)
20.10 Aalborg, 1000 Fryd (DK)

But there’s more; good news doesn’t travel alone: The Hot Pockets have found yet another compadre willing to support them in their quest into the heart of rock ‘n’ roll. Alien Snatch Records, from Germany, will release the second full length by your faves; containing 4 songs previously released on different 7” singles and 9 unreleased tracks, full of teenage angst, lust, despair and ferocious love. I Hope you will be satisfied. Or better yet: I know you will be satisfied!”

Still yours and still happy,
Bert van der Ro


“Hola Amigos!

Life can’t get more beautiful for The Hot Pockets! After their succesful tour of Germany, Holland and Denmark in (see above) and the release of their second album ‘Kiss ‘n Run’, The Hot Pockets shook hands, said goodbye and had no intentions to get back together before September 2002, when they plan to record a third album.
BUT, what happened? A short email from JuanCarlos from Bloody Mary in Spain, turned the Pocket
s’ world up-side-down!
“Maybe they wanted to come and play a festival in Spain?” Well, why not? Since the Hot Pockets don’t live in a cave, they had heard from lot’s of people that Spain is a great country for rock ‘n’ roll! So why not do a proper tour?
Why not indeed…
So here’s the good news for you, my dear reader, and for The Hot Pockets, because they will pack their bags again and head on South, towards the sun, to enjoy the company of muchachas y cervezas, aceitunas y paëlla and just have a fucking good time! Make sure you catch them! So they can have a good time with YOU!”

Always yours and happier then ever,
Bert van der Ro. Tour schedule:

October 5th - October 20th.

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