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Kiss 'n Run, the Hot Pockets' second LP. 4 covers and 9 Hot Pockets originals on this LP. For all you record collectors: 100 are pressed on red vinyl and 100 on blue vinyl. But to be honest, we think the regular black pressing sound best!!

The sleeve-design, just like Mess Of Fire, was done by Ricky van Duuren. Click on the sleeve to get a look at the backside of the sleeve and for the entire tracklisting. (Alien Snatch)



The Hot Pockets' debut LP "Mess Of Fire". On this LP you will find 12 amazing Hot Pockets originals and one superb cover of "Hanging On The Telephone".

The sleeve-design was done by Ricky van Duuren with, as always, Robert supervising. Again no pictures of our good looking boys. Click on the sleeve to get a look at the backside of the sleeve and for the entire tracklisting. (Screaming Apple/Stolen Records)


  The Hot Pockets Live At Vera Groningen was recorded live at the Vera september 22nd 2000. This cd contains all 14 songs the Hot Pockets played that night, including their never before released cover version of All Kindsa Girls.

Tracks: I Live On Rocket Street, I Can't Sleep, Gold & Diamonds, I Got Love, Mouthful, Mess Of Fire, Two Face Debbie, Satisfaction, Hot Pants, What I Got, (I'm) In Love With Today, There Goes The Night, Hanging On The Telephone, All Kindsa Girls.
7 inch records by the Hot Pockets:
The Hot Pockets - Rejected #3   3 songs:  Fascist Dictator, On Tour and Rejected at the Highschooldance  

The first single by our boys on Highschool Reject Records. On this record you can find 3 killer songs: Fascist Dictator (The Cortinas), On Tour (Van der Giesen) and Rejected at the High School Dance (Greg Pervost).

Take a look at the sleeve and see how cool our boys are, only one of 'em is not wearing sunglasses (how cool can you get?). This record was number three in the Rejected series, number two were the Kirks and number one?? (Highschool Reject)


The Hot Pockets on Kogar with 2 killer songs: I Live On Rocket Street b/w Everytime We Get Married  

This record was the second release of the Hot Pockets. Read what Mr. Kogar himself wrote about it: "...amazing Spector-ish raw ballad that'll tear your guts out!! B/w a totally rockin' Pagans-meet-Ramones style punkrock ditty".

And you know what: we never heard Mr. Kogar tell a lie!! (Kogar Records)

2 NEW SONGS by The Hot Pockets: Clean Dice b/w I Got Love  

Here we have the third release by the boys. Highschool Refuse HQ surely must have been glad to get the 2 killer tracks on these 7 inches. The 2 songs you can find on this record are: "Clean Dice" (by Robby G.) and "I Got Love" (by Adam G.) (Highschool Refuse)

And check out the amazing full color sleeve on this one! Chef America must be proud!

The Hot Pockets Can't Sleep on Hate Records, 3 songs: I Can't Sleep, Sign Of A Misspent Youth and (I'm) In Love With Today   This one here is number four, the first foreign release by the Hot Pockets. Again, no pictures of our good looking boys on the sleeve but, hey, who cares. It's the songs that count. On these 7 inches you'll find 3 boss tracks. "I Can't Sleep" and "Sign Of a Misspent Youth" (both by Adam Gold) and "(I'm) In Love With Today" the classic Users song. (Hate Records)
Upcoming on Rockin'Bones: The Sizzling Hot Pockets   So this is the fifth 7 inch record by the Pockets. And yes this is a picture disk. Again you will find 3 songs on it: Rock and Roll City (Rinsma/Gollner), Lincoln Continental (Gollner) and Ramblin' Rose, the Nat King Cole song. (Rockin' Bones)
THE HOT POCKETS on Compilations

This here is the first ever compilation record the Hot Pockets contributed to. This CD was made to promote the Freakland festival in Ponferrada which took place in april 2003. Too bad your favorite rock & rollers couldn't make it to the festival. The Hot Pockets' song on this CD is "Gold & Diamonds", this song can also be found on Mess of Fire, so don't worry if you can't find this compilation anywhere.

Other bands ont this CD are:The Cynics, King Kahn & his Shrines, Rock-A-Hulas, Los Chicos, The Del-Gators, Los Benditos, Hollywood Sinners, Fumestones, The Maggots, Foggy Mental Breakdown, The Cool Jerks, Fifty Foor Combo, Hounddogs, The Fevers, The Meows, The Feedbacks, 4teen Killers, Callahans, Tokyo Sex Destruction, The Snobs, Rockzilla, Holy Sheep, The Sewergrooves, Los High Sierras, Antonio Farga, Jack Oblivian & the Cigarillos.

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