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10 Hot MP3 tracks by the Hot Pockets

For your downloading pleasure we recorded these MP3's with a very low quality. But, we think, you will get a very good impression of the songs. If you want the "hi-fi" versions of the songs you'll have to buy the Mess Of Fire LP on Screaming Apple or Kiss 'N Run, the Hot Pockets 2nd LP on Alien Snatch.

The Hot Pockets show in the Musik und Tanz Club in Cologne was recorded. This show was actually the longest Hot Pockets show ever. They were on stage for an hour or so, because the so called "fans" in this beautiful German city didn't want to let them go. Imagine: your favorite rock and roll band trapped on the stage!!!
This song was only released on the very limited Hot Pockets Live At Vera CD. It is a live recording so don't expect Hi-fi quality but we're sure you get a good impression of the wild Hot Pockets shows!!!

The next songs appear on the second Hot Pockets album on Alien Snatch, buy this album to hear the "Hi-Fi" versions of these songs.
"Rock 'n' Roll City" was recorded during the sessions for the Hot Pockets "Mess of Fire" LP. This song not being on the LP doesn't mean it wasn't good enough to put it out on record. It is also released on a 7 inch record by Rockin' Bones, which finally hit the streets in 2002.
Hear this classic Paul Collins Beat song getting a Hot Pockets treatment.
One of the first songs the Hot Pockets recorded back in 1998. This was one of the songs Adam contributed to the Hot Pockets songlist. This song was recorded on the 4 track tape-recorder owned by the Hobbyrock foundation.
Another coversong by the Hot Pockets. Hear Martin's soulfull leadvocals on this Beach Boys master piece!

Another song by the Hot Pockets and again written by our pal Adam. Enjoy the community singing. recorded in 1998, on the same day Hot Blooded was recorded.

The next songs appear on the Hot Pockets debut-album on Screaming Apple, buy this album to hear the "Hi-Fi" versions of these songs.

This song, written by Adam G., was recorded on the 1st of march 1999. You can hear Adam on lead vocals and guitar, Robert on backing vocals and guitar, Martin on backing vocals and drums and Gerry on bass. And, remember where you heard it first!!!

Gold & Diamonds was the first piece Crazy Gerry contributed to the Hot Pockets song list. A solid rockin' tune with Robert on lead vocals and soulful backing vocals by Martin.
Robert's got the Tiger by its tail with this one: Everybody needs, Satisfaction guaranteed!!
Adam hanging on the Telephone Gerry hanging on the Telephone Robert hanging on the Telephone

Hear and see the Hot Pockets hanging on the Telephone, the song made famous by Blondie but, like everybody knows, originally by the Nerves.

Martin hanging on the Telephone

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