And, what do the critics say about the HOT POCKETS??And, what do the critics say about the HOT POCKETS??

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High Heels Slut #5
The Hot Pockets - "Kiss 'N Run
Well, this one turned out really nice! From the sleeve, the blue vinyl and the cute zine to -and that's the most important of course- the music. If you're unfamiliar with the band and its members' past occupations, let me just tell the Hot Pockets consist of ex-Stipjes and Spaceshits members and a current Firebird/Krontjong Devil, so you know you're in for a real R'n'R deal. Thirteen shots of raw, harsh and unpolished rawk'n'roll trash shot right up your veins, delivering the same treatment as any Pagans or Drags record does! And they're a thrill, you know?! Only remark I have about this -their 2nd- album is that 4 songs are taken of earlier 7"s and 2 have different take on their "Mess Of Fire" debut album, so that leaves us with 7 brand new tunes. But if you aren't around from day one you'd better forget about this remark and try to get your hands on this one. Welcome to Rock'n'Roll city!!

wayback machine (usa) (december 2002)
The Hot Pockets “Kiss’N Run” LP
OK, so when The Hot Pockets released their excellent "Mess of Fire" LP on Screaming Apple/Stolen Records, very few people really took notice. I remember reading maybe one glowing review before hunting it down myself. I was satisfied. "Not damned bad!" I'd say to myself as I'd spill beer on my shirt. That was the first time (I heard the record, not drank beer). Then on subsequent spins the record really started to grow on me. I like Hot Pockets for lunch AND for desert! Well, then this baby ("Kiss 'n Run") arrived in my mailbox. It's a new LP, but not new recordings. This is a collection of singles and previously unreleased tracks recorded even before the "Mess of Fire" sessions (including a standup version of The (Paul Collins) Beat's "Walking Out on Love." Supposedly The Hot Pockets only lasted 8 weeks before calling it quits. Holy crap! 8 weeks!! I know bands that have been together and practiced for 8 MONTHS before even getting their first gig, much less releasing two full-length slabs of vinyl! This is switchblade rock'n'roll. Heavy on the distortion, loud, loose, and savage. Tuneful, melodic, and with just the right amount of unpretentiousness and ineptitude you'd really wanna hear in a new "teen" band. No idea how old these guys are. Who fuckin' cares? They're gone now. But you owe it to yourself to own this sucker.(kopper)

The Hot Pockets - Rock 'n Roll City 7"
(I like the donut 7 inch,) Sounds like Johnny Thunders sucking Chuck Berry off while Keith scrapes up spilled dope from the floor and Anna Nicole starts burning hundred dollar bills. (Jack Oblivian) (november 2002)
The Hot Pockets “Kiss’N Run” LP
This band has always been kinda hard to track down. They’ve got a ton of releases, all of which have come out on European labels of various sizes. Some aren’t even around anymore. I think I have their first 2 or 3 singles, and I remember digging them, but not giving ‘em heavy rotation. I reviewed “Mess Of Fire”, a previous long player, and wasn’t terribly impressed. It lacked punch in just about every area. I thought they had all split up now, but here is an LP compiling singles stuff, unreleased whatevers and all that jazz. I’m pleased to announce that this LP is completely dud-free. It all smokes actually. Perfect trashcan production too. Alien Snatch is starting to show a consistency similar to Screaming Apple, and I don’t think they’ve ever put out a bad record (might be wrong, fuck it). A roster that moves from obscuro-trash, sugary-sweet power pop, straight garage and pop-punk and the occasional rude ‘tude release. Naturally, The Hot Pockets are representative of this and manage to do it all really good. Wasn’t someone from The Spaceshits in this band at one time? Who knows? Those folks are in every band. Whatever. (MC)

LOnG GONE LOSER, Australia
The HOT POCKETS - "Kiss N Run" LP (Alien Snatch)
Although they released an album on an Aussie label, I have never heard of these guys until this popped up in the mail. What you're getting is lo-fi garage rock that's raw as fuck and oozes off the turntable on red vinyl. The Hot Pockets have a sound that's so raw that only the strong will survive. It 's guaranteed to annoy the fuck out of anyone whose wantin' slickly produced rock n roll cos you most certainly won't find that here. This collection of 13 songs includes both originals and covers, with some being from obscure releases from around the globe while the others appear to be new to this record. You're gonna get a full 110% rock and a nice booklet giving you all the goss you need to become hip to these cats. The sound is somewhere between Supercharger meets Dead Moon meets the New Bomb Turks at their bootlegged worst. If lo-fi rock is what you dig, then the Hot Pockets deliver. Plus, the cover art sports what appears to be some hot lookin' spunktress with nice curves and you gotta be happy with that. (august 2002)
Hot Pockets "Rejected #3",
Hot Pockets "I Live On Rocket Street",
Hot Pockets "Clean Dice",
Hot Pockets "I Can’t Sleep",
Hot Pockets "Rock n Roll City" 7"s

Lofi Rock ‘N’ Rolla with the soul and ardor of the late, the great, the Devil Dogs! Fuckin’ garage rock ‘n’ roll that’s nothing like what they’re playin’ on the radio these days… (…:…:..:….:…Side Note: Fuck the Vines and Fuck the Hives! They fuckin’ suck! End Side Note…:…:……:.:…) If you want trashed out and fucked up rock ‘n’ roll, you go see the Hot Pockets… They’ll hook you up! (JD)
As listed above –
(High School Reject Records Berlageweg 12, 9731 LN Groningen, The Netherlands)
(Kogar Records PO Box 985 9700 AV Groningen, The Netherlands)
(High School Refuse Records Berlageweg 12, 9731 LN Groningen, The Netherlands)
(Hate Records Circ.Ne Gianicolense 112 00152 Roma, Italy)

(Rockin’ Bones Records, Borgo Palmia 3A, 43100 Parma, Italy)
The HOT POCKETS "Kiss 'N Run" (Alien Snatch LP)
As far as I'm concerned, this album from one of the sporadic garage rock bands ever belongs in the collection of anyone who worships at the altar of the great garage rock explosion of the early 90s. Formed by Robert Gold (formerly of De Stipjes) and Adam "Tongues" Gold of The Spaceshits, the Hot Pockets mastered 77 style snotty punk rock and gave it back to the people. It's absolutely, utterly amazing. Teengenerate fans will greet this album like manna from heaven. Seriously, it ranks with some of the best garage punk I've ever heard. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE

The HOT POCKETS "Kiss 'N Run" (Alien Snatch LP)
Like "Kiss'n Run", the second full album by THE HOT POCKETS from Groningen (formerly known as Hollands 'Rock City #1'). Nowadays times have changed and only bands like The KRONTJUNG DEVILS and The WAITCOATS are still holding the Groninger banner. But offcourse there's HOT POCKETS, a band which started off as a one-time project of Robert (ex-STIPJES) and his Canadian buddy Adam G. (ex-SPACESHITS). Both shared a similar addiction for punked-up R'n'roll songs and discovered the thought the same about R'n'Roll history's important bands (5 'Originators' seemed more than enough!!) After a couple of 7"s on local European labels and a first lp on Screamin' Apple came this second, vinyl-only album. "Kiss'n Run" 13 tracks of sizzling, irresistable Rock'n Roll tunes with a delightful mixture of powerpop, a dashing punkdrive and an uptempo catchyness. The present songs are a selection out of several recordings and some tracks were allready feautred on previous 7"s since the recordings date back from before their first lp recordings. THE HOT POCKETS tunes are full-on high energy R'n'roll spreading the overall aura of lovely loud, frenzied and wild guitars, which never loose touch with the basics of the songs. CLASSIC!! (bo)

Smashin Transistors zine
The HOT POCKETS "Kiss 'N Run" (Alien Snatch LP)
German label Alien Snatch is quickly becoming one of my favorite company's. They've not only put some good records but it's the whole way they present it. Brick think vinyl pressings, bright and colorful package. This LP even includes a booklet...but you DO need one to document what "Kiss 'n Run" is all about. A supergroup featuring the quit & fired SPACESHIT Adam and STIPJES/European band driver Robert, they formed did a few recording sessions, a batch of 7inches, some shows and a full-length...Then ceased operation. Yeah! that's the way supergroups should be! The should never go on and on. Some should never even happen...For example The Damn Yankees. Remember the "High Enough" video where the Nuge kicks through the door in his long zebra coat and plays the guitar solo?
If this was just simply a comp. of the singles it would be enough, I know I still got a couple holes in my collection and though it does include only some of them (but a couple of them were songs I didn't have) there's a stack of unreleased 4, 8 and 16 track recordings. Some songs hit like Cheap Trick with a seriously destructive personality armed with a couple of rude sounding amplifiers and going on a crank binge. Others make ya wanna raise your glass then go out side and kick up some dust. Then there's some that got me thinkin' 'bout nothing more than buzzsaws and bubblegum.

The HOT POCKETS "Kiss 'N Run" (Alien Snatch LP)
More of that Euro greaser rock 'n' roll here. Draws heavily on the early SAINTS sound. Probably would have been a little more exciting five years ago in the wave of Gearhead 'zine rock and the SUPERSUCKERS. Good enough, just a little late to really move me! (RL).

SHREDDING PAPER #13 (USA) Summer 2002
The HOT POCKETS "Kiss 'N Run"
(Alien Snatch LP)
TEENGENERATES lives in these fun loving dutch! Lo-Fi fuzzy sloppy garage punk, full of energy, mistakes ( at least they sure sound like mistakes), crappily recorded distorted guitars and vocals, and songs with hhoks that grab you by the nuts and squeeze hard. In the perfect tradition of bands like the RIP OFFS, with a couple of nifty covers, one being PAUL COLLINS " WalkingOut On Love" and the BEACH BOYS "Girl Don´t Tell Me" Rock and Rol with balls and walls playing, comes with a nice 16 page booklet with inerviews of the band, and a little history of the songs, about half of which have been out of various 7" and other releases. Killer! (David)

Hot Pockets - "Kiss 'n Run" LP
This is the first time I've heard the HOT POCKETS.I think. I would've never checked 'em out on my own. it's just that name.the HOT POCKETS. What can I say, I'm a bitch about band names. If it doesn't sound cool to me it takes an act of God, or in this case Daniel, to get me to listen to their record. So this is a collection of Hot Pockets tunes, probably their best tunes. FUCK! I hate that band name thing with me! Look what I've missed! The Hot Pockets are a total lofi garage version of the DEVIL DOGS. Solid, snotty, catchy rock 'n' roll tunes that sound like they're straight out of the early 90's garage era. Ignore the band's name, if you don't like it, but buy this record NOWWWWWWW! (JD).

Now, that's what we want to hear!

Orgie newsletter #96
Hot Pockets - "Kiss 'n Run" LP
(Alien Snatch)
Dutch lo-fi p-rock aggro featuring all- round nice guy Robert (of Stipjes fame). In theory I should like this, these guys understand this kinda music real well and are smart enough to cover the Beat's 'Walking Out On Love', but the fidelity thing really annoys the fuck outta me, they'd be so much better if they upped their standards in that dept. somewhat.

We're so sorry for the low fidelity on some of the songs on this masterpiece, mister scientist.

Blank Generation
Hot Pockets - Mess of Fire

Having been put together as a project band in 1998, the HOT POCKETS got together, wrote and recorded sixteen songs in five days. They played one show in Groningen, Holland at the infamous Vera Club a few months later. A few days later, they recorded another seven songs. End of story...or so it seemed. Due to popular demand, they played five shows (in five countries) and recorded once more. Not much of a career, as far as bands go. But then, these guys got together with the intent purpose of making some of the best rock 'n' roll music Europe—and the world—has heard. While I wouldn't go as far to say they're the best, I will say these guys make some truly great music. It's often the bands that are formed purely for fun, with no real intentions of going anywhere, that make the best music. They have the right motivation: fun. The Hot Pockets' new album Mess of Fire (International Trash/ is the result of that last recording from 1999. You'll probably have a good idea of what to expect if I say that these guys are influenced by the DEVIL DOGS, that they do a NERVES cover ("Hangin' On the Telephone") and that this album was originally on Screaming Apple. They swagger, shake and have zero metal influence in their sweat-inducing rock stomp. ( Mark Murrman)

Yeah, these pants are hot!!!
Maximum Rock N Roll #216
Packaged with a picture of a pair of tight denim pockets, THE HOT POCKETS are back with a full length and get straight to the heart of it. You really can't help but shake your shit to this stuff. Scorin' close to the MULLENS, THE HOT POCKETS' Sixties-glazed punk'n'roll really rocks good. The songs are mostly about love, sex, and hot pants. You know, all the important stuff. They even manage a boy vocal version of BLONDIE's "Hanging on the Telephone". Don't know about you, but my pocket is really hot. (DL)
(Screaming Apple, Dustemichstr. 14, 50939 Köln, Germany)

Smashin' Transistors
HOT POCKETS "Mess Of Fire"

(Screaming Apple LP):
Adam a.k.a. Tongues exited the Spaceshits following the band's illfated U.S. tour with the Dirtys. After the Christmas holidays he caught a plane oversea's to hang with the the instigators for their European jaunt. The Dirtys tour manager was Robert of the Stipjes. The following evenings of drinkin', druggin' and letchin' eventually led the two of them to put a band togehter. They knocked a ton of songs off in a short period of time, recording them as soon as they got them down. No soul lost playing 'em over and over again...Just BAM! in a fast and loose swagger. Adam's got a groove like a kid who's only local heroes were GOWAN (isn't he from Montreal?) which just pissed him off so he took solace in listen to Chuck Berry and the Ramones almost too much (I say almost but really, what is TOO MUCH of either...I don't think there's such a thing.). There's lines of crank cut out and sitting on top of the amp heads to keep on going. Even the slower songs are mad blast groove. (Screaming also available on Hate and High School Reject.)
(Check out the Smashin' Transistors site)

Dangerhouse march 2001
Hot Pockets - Mess Of Fire
Grosse claque avec l'album des HOT POCKETS sur Screaming Apple. C'est un condensé des meilleurs trucs de 1977, des compos teenage, une spontanéité incroyable pour une des meilleures surprises de ce premier trimestre. Il semblerait que le groupe soit composé de membres des STIPJES, SPACESHITS, et d'autres combos. A suivre…

This month's blow was undoubtedly the HOT POCKETS album on Screaming Apple. Condensed mixture of the best 77 stuff, along with teenage compos mixed with an incredible spontaneity, this is obviously the very, very good surprise of the beginning of the year. It seems that members of STIPJES, SPACESHITS, and other combos are part of the band. To be followed…
Ok, Dangerhouse is some kind of a record store, but hey, they're honest!

Drink & Drive #4
Hot Pockets - I Live On Rocket Street 7"
New 7"from The Hot Pockets. Both songs are from the tape I reviewed in the last issue. "Rocket Street" is a fast, furious punk blast, which is great. The flip "Every Time We Get Married" is a fucked up ballad, and not that exciting I'm afraid.

Drink & Drive #4
Hot Pockets - Clean Dice 7"
(High School Refuse)
This is more like it from the Pockets. No ballads this time, only two really good rough punk gems to hit you in your ugly face. Great 7".

Flipside #122
HOT POCKETS - "I Can't Sleep" 7"
Ferocious, late '70s style punk rock with snarly vocals, wailing guitar leads and booming bass lines. The band is made up of four fellows who are either brothers or wannabes. Martin Gold, Adam Gold, Robby Gold and Crazy Gold (mama must have been running out of ideas for new names) plow through the title track and two other fairly lo-fi spurts of mayhem, "The Sign of a Misspent Youth" and "(I'm) in Love with Today". The vocals are either heavily Euro-accented or just plain affected. Solid and raw. (P. Edwin Letcher)
(Hate, Circ. NE Gianicolense 112, 000152 Roma, Italy)

"..either heavily Euro-accented or just plain affected??"

HOT POCKETS "I Live On Rocket Street / Everytime We Get Married"
(Kogar 7")
Classic, cross-atlantic punk with soul and fire in abundance, and a love for rock & roll, no gimmicks, just great songs with the right sound, done by the right people (Adam from Canadian band the Spaceshits on vocals, Robert (ex-Stipjes) on second guitar and some vocals + 2 more from Groningen). The flip is a slow but tough ballad that could've been a Real Kids tune... Live they ain't the Stipjes, on this here 45 (their second) they're better. The best?

For your information, we don't write these reviews ourselves!! And yes, we ain't the Stipjes, who needs the Stipjes anyway?

These Tacos, that look like they've already been eaten, are actually being sold to the American public for consuming purposes.

HOT POCKETS "Clean Dice / I Got Love"
(High School Refuse 7")
Less hot than the Kogar single but still catchy, snotty punkrock fun. The tacos or whatever they are on the sleeve look like they're filled with vomit, and although that doesn't make this single any less tasty, it sure makes me thirsty... let's all go cry in the beer of a drunk man for the demise of this fine bunch, and order a Gini. (Ho there! They've got a new self-released CD out -vinyl coming in early 2001- and are back together again, or never quit in the first place, or whatever, I want the record...)

The Hot Pockets "Clean Dice / I Got Love"
(High School Refuse)
And with every new City Trash comes a new Hot Pockets single. Wrapped in a dumb Pizza-cover, here are two great songs again, both guitar/vocalist doin' there own one. I liked 'I Got Love' best. A full length can be expected on Repent soon (?).

Our friends from Meppel sure do like us, but not pizza's we presume...

Another Fine Mess #6
Action packed writing from the Paul S. from Belgium: Bowy , a true punkrock connaisseur, still living with his mum. Unbelievable, what a woman!!
THE HOT POCKETS 7": "Rejected #3"
(HighSchoolReject Rec: Berlageweg 12; 9731 LN Groningen. NL)
New label from Rockcity #1 in Holland, a label with a specific goal: each band who does a 7" should include a coverversion of "Rejected at the High School Dance" (yip! the nearly historical classic by Mean Red Spiders). So this -hopefully (?)- longlasting band from Groningen kicks a cosmic turmoil when trashing this punkstandard in truly 77-style. The Hot Pockets is a fine selectioin of scenestars, who each on their own can deliver a very fine range of credits. We got Robert 'Stipje' on the wheel while Adam Gold (of stranded Canadian Spaceshit brat, still zoinked out on hashies in Groningen) navigates and clutches the gearbox. The engine power is deliverd by Dr. Martins (from local psychobilly punkcombo the Gravediggers) and Krontjong Devil Crazy Gerry on bass. These guys kick off on the A-side with an agitated version of The Cortinas 'Fascist Dictator' and allready put the wild wet tourplans into their into their only own tune 'On Tour'. Not bad at all for a start and promising for -hopefully- upcoming material. If HighSchoolReject Records plans to continue this kind of releases they'll get the full five from the AFM HQ. I'm very curious for any upcoming releases. I do hope some fine folks in Kortrijk will get the opportunity to get hold of this over-the-top punkrock pile.

Multiball #20
Hot Pockets - "I Can't Sleep"b/w "The Sign Of a Misspent Youth"/ "(I'm) In Love With Today"
Three European punk rock killers recorded in a WWII Nazi bunker. Hot Pockets play bored pissed off punk rock in the tradition of the Pagans and Teengenerate, and pull it off in fine style. Thankfully, thy appear to have no special allegiance to those disgusting looking frozen ham and cheese snack of the same name. Top class. (Hate)
Now you know why the Hot Pockets never sleep, because of all the extra balls, you dummy!!!

Some more poetic analysis from the man who can't face the facts. A real single only has two songs: ONE on the A-side and, yes, ONE on the B-Side.
Another Fine Mess #7
THE HOT POCKETS 7" : "I Live On Rocket Street / Everytime We Get Married"
(Kogar Records/POB 985/9700 AV Groningen/Nederland)
THE HOT POCKETS 7" : "Clean Dice / I Got Love"
(HighSchoolRefuse Rec./Berlageweg 12/9731 LN Groningen/Nederland)
Two new releases by the current new hope for punkrock Groningen. The Hot Pockets, both on local labels to top things off. Full length lp plans should be in the works as well. "I Live On Rocket Street" is a pure, intense lowfi punk'n'roll gatecrasher, which will truly a appeal to all who like to pogo up and down their apartment in order to express their total enthusiasm and excitement.. At to the flipside "Everytime We..."(don't take the label info for granted though as they've been wrongly switched!) comes as a pretty fucked up ballad tearjerker the way The Vibrators should be fix them in the late 70s. Also on the HighSchoolRefuse release there's only two tracks. This has become more or less the trademark of the HotPockets and it's not entirely my idea of using the 7" vinyl to its maximum. I guess I'll have to learn to live with this (as I had to do with the RipOff Records approach). Anyway both tracks share upfront, strong vocals back up by some tight basic, but sufficiently mature punkrawk with a rough 77-edge and enough sensibility to keep a R'n'Roll heart pumping. Again the songwriting was equally divided between Robert 'Stipjes' and Adam (Spaceshits). Do keep in mind that HighSchoolRefuse was especially created besides their twinlabel HighSchoolReject to release non-Mean Red Spiders

Moshable #19
Hot Pockets - Rejected #3 7"
(High School Reject)
Supercool punked up rock'n'roll from Holland featuring an all-star line-up: ex-members from the Stipjes and the Spaceshits plus one from the Krontjong Devils and one from the Gravediggers. Loud, wild r'n'r with cool vocals and solid hints of DMZ, Devil Dogs and the other bands mentioned here... only this is harder. Damn fine stuff! All these HSR releases has to feature Rejected at the High School Dance on the flip-side and that's a damn shame as the Hit Pockets own songs are much better! (SN)
Hot Pockets - Fascist Dictator 7"
(High School Reject)
This 7"was recorded at the same bunker in Groningen as the last Shake Appeal 7" and it has the same completely wild garage sound that might turn some purists off. Personally I am a sucker for it. Real trashy and lo-fi with maybe a slight touch of Teengenerate in the title track whick is also the best song.. Hell, I can't even tell all these garage bands apart anymore. But the Hot Pockets (members of Stipjes, Krontjong Devils, Gravediggers and Spaceshits) have made a rockin' 7" here. (LK)

Here's some prove that The Hot Pockets can even defrost some of the most cold blooded Scandinavians. SN, well known from his escapades with Shake Appeal, surely knows his stuff. Editor LK ofcourse hasn't got a clue. Nice review though... (Moshable#19)

Dead End Radio
Hot Pockets: I Got Love b/w Clean Dice 7"
"It's crispy, it's catchy it's rock and roll!!!" Well that pretty much describes this record two pop tunes that are indeed rock and roll and catchy as hell. Both of these tunes clock in under the two minute mark leaving you wanting flip it over and enjoy!
(High School Refuse)

To the point by the people from Dead End Radio.

Moshable #20
More Sucking up from Simon Nielsen. Lovely boy. (Moshable#20)  

Hot Pockets - Clean Dice / I Got Love 7"
(High School Refuse)
Rockin' two-tracker from Holland's finest sounding like early Devil Dogs. Solid rocking stuff with each track clocking in just under 2 minutes - this is good shit! (SN)

Maximum Rock And Roll #189
THE HOT POCKETS - "I Live on Rocket Street/Every Time We Get Married"

The HOT POCKETS make a luke-warm attempt to heat up your panties with two short and sleepy tracks in the lo-fi school of 3-chord throwaways. The A-side is a lust-driven, Lolita-complex, teenage torch song that drifts and lacks the passion to really get the girls swooning. The B-side has bop to it, yes, but doesn't teally go anywhere. If there's anything really hot in these guys' pockets I'd really have to see it to believe it (DL)
(Kogar, PO Box 985, 9700 AV, Groningen, Netherlands)

Maximum Rock And Roll #189
THE HOT POCKETS - "I Live on Rocket Street/Every Time We Get Married"
Here's a band that recognizes the importance of hooks and strong vocals, especially when they're wrapped up in raw noise. "Every Time We Get Married" is some sort of sick ballad (although I can't quite get the gist of the lyrical thrust) that ring my chimes but might not be to everyone's taste. "I Live On Rocket Street"is a straight-ahead rocker that's very hard to not like. If you need some point of reference, there's an ex-SPACESHIT and an ex-KRONTJONG DEVIL in HOT POCKETS. (DD)
(Kogar, PO Box 985, 9700 AV, Groningen, Netherlands)

To our left: a healthy discussion between the genders about the true essence of a Hot Pocket. (MRR#189)

Maximum Rock and Roll #
THE HOT POCKETS - "Clean Dice/I Got Love"
Here's some Dutch trash punk straight from the oven. I remember not bein' too stoked on the last single from these guys from (ex-) members of the STIPJES, KRONTJONG DEVILS and SPACESHITS. This time around its growing on me, and I'm hearing this kinda REAL KIDS thing that sticks with you like a bad burrito. Not vital, but definetly some fun stuff. (DL)
(High School Refuse, Berlageweg 12, 9731 LN Groningen, NETHERLANDS)
And here we see Dulcinea falling for the irresistable charms of a good Hot Pocket!! (MRR)

Maximum Rock and Roll #
HOT POCKETS - "I Can't Sleep"EP
Wowee! Italian sausage in a tender flaky crust! A quick satisfying microwave meal? No, just a shitty name for my favorite band this month; maybe this year! Hate Records must have just beat out Rip Off in finding these guys. In fact, it sorta takes me back to the days of RIP OFFS shows, and what the Japanese were up to years ago. These fellas really rock the house, with fuzz-friendly guitar and vocals and an infectious hip shaker coupla tunes. So alright with me! No pictures, and where the hell are they from? (RY)
(Hate, Gianicolense 112, 00152 Roma, ITALY)

Well, we guess no one can resist a well served Hot Pocket. Sieg to Hate. (MRR#)

You don't have to be drunk to like the Hot Pockets, but it does help... And as you can see: we like drunks. That's why he's only one of the very few people we sent a demo tape.

The Hot Pockets - Demotape

THIS SHIT RIPS LIKE HELL!!!!!! What the fuck else can you expect with people like Adam Gold (Tongues from Spaceshits as you all know if you weren't too damned lazy to read the interview) and Robert Stipje in one band. Thes guys blow almost everything else way the hell off the fucken planet with a sound that reminds me of Brides meetin' Teengenerate with loud as fuck guitars and semi-shouted vocals that go for yer throat and fucken stay there. Maybe they even have a few Childish influences, but without resorting to the imitation so common for bands with similar influences. Production? Well, I have to say that recording shit in bunkers seems to be the way to go, like with the Pack rec this is cruddy and trashy, but with all the punck that most "lo-fi loser Supercharger wanna-bees" (Think the horrid 1-4-5's) lack. Do I really have to tell you to get the 7"s when they hit the market. Great shit!

Flipside #115
HOT POCKETS, THE - "Rejected #3"

Gut-rippin'garage punk and loads of lo-fi loudness, The Hot Pockets are aloppy, wild, and carefree (bustin' a nut with vigor and fury!) like ingratiating intercourse with a neurotic nympho. I can just picture these hellraisin' hedonists in the basement of a bottom-of-the-barrel bar ragin' through their sizzlin; set of songs, waxin' the floor with their own brand of poetic puke, and then settin' the place afire with a sadistically sharp snap of their fingers. Lemme put it in layman's term with candid candor for all you silly lil' slowpokes out there. The Hot Pockets dwarf the Dwarves in all of their intoxicating exuberance and brew-splashing' splendor... man, my ears ache for more! - Rog (High School Reject, Berlageweg 12, 9731 LN Groningen, The Netherlands)

a rather eloquent fan and great connaisseur. A man who knows what he's talking about. (Flipside#115)




HOT POCKETS - "I Can't Sleep"
While this 7" has 3 songs on it, only the A side title track carries the punch that dirty distorted rock and roll like this should. I would like to hear more from this outfit, but a 7" with one keeper on isn't the best answer (BAM)
(Hate Records

a wandering soul, still lost in the realms of the unknowing...

Our man with the dictionary strikes again. Not one superlative too many. (Flipside#120).

Flipside #120
HOT POCKETS - "Every Time We Get Married"
"Every Time We Get Married" is a statanically Phil Spectorish avalanche of Ramones-styled balladeering as raw and primitive as unlawfully ingratiating one's self with lewdy lascivious misbehaviour. "I Live On Rocket Street"Sounds like the Dwarves being butt-banged by the New York Dolls with full throttle speed and disease-ingested sonic scum surging through this fierce swirl of aamped fury until the very last note roars out of the speakers in a feedback frenzy of sound. Yepm these Pockets are Hot, Hot, Hot! - Rog (Kogar, PP Box 985, 9700AV, Groningen, Netherlands)

Drink&Drive #3
HOT POCKETS - Fascist Dictator 7"
(High School Reject Recs.)
Yum, yum, Hot Pockets vinyl for little ole me. It rips like the demo tape (because the songs are from that tape so somehow this review may seem redundant, but I'm reviewin'in anyways coz it's so cool, got a problem with that nerd-boy?) The Mean Red Spiders' "Rejected" is almost impossible to beat coz that 7" is maybe thee finest ever in punkrock. The Pockets are certainly up there though with a franticly hammering rhythm section, crazy-ass, loud razor blade guitars and best of all they preserve the desperately pissen of vocal rasp of thte original. On the a-side you get two more cool songs. The ultrat catch & semi-athemic "Fascist Dictator" (Pretty soon you too will have a smirk on your face while croonin' "I'm a fascist dictator, yeah that's what I am". Do remember to sing it fucken loud to bug the shit out of all P.C. fuckwits) and "On Tour" (Not the Chancelors' teen atnthem form Grave VIII), which rips like all hell too. Thanks for this one, Robert.

Please stop... You're spoiling us.

How disappointing, they're not a Hot Pockets Fanclub, what did the Hot Pockets do wrong?
City Trash #9
The Hot Pockets - Mess Of Fire

Oh crap, another Hot Pockets review. Well, this is the (long awaited?) full length on Screaming Apple. I didn't enjoy their last show that much, but here the energy is captured really well in the lo-fi production (recorded at the VERA club). I enjoyed most of the Gollner songs and also 'Hangin' On The Telephone' (the Blondie song) is excellent! Great, but we're not a Hot Pockets fanclub, so I'll stop right here (PK)

City Trash #9
The Hot Pockets - I Can't Sleep
This is the 4th Hot Pockets single allready and to be honest, I didn't expect it to be this good! Hell, can these guys produce some great garage-flavoured 70's punkrock'n'roll! It sounds energetic and the songs are good. They do a Users cover, which original version probably can be found on some Killed By Death compilation. The cover art is very ugly though... (PK)
So, we're friends again, we'll bet, next time you'll even like the cover art!!!

Big, two page feature on the Hottest Pockets between Meppel and Emmen. The kids, they just love the Hot Pockets!! (City Trash #4)

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