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April 26th, 2003. The Hot Pockets appear for the first time ever on a compilation record, click here for the details. There's not much more news to tell at the moment. We added some new links to some cool rock & roll bands. Gerry and Arnold have played their first show with the Sea Lions (next show june 6th in Meppel) and further, things are pretty dead at the moment, but, when there are new developments, we keep you informed. If you need a record buying tip, maybe you should skip on the new Turbonegro and buy the Leghounds LP's instead (you can always buy TRBNGR later).

February 27th, 2003. Update: One new review of the Kiss 'n Run LP from High Heels Slut magazine.

February, 19th 2003. What's the scoop this time? Not much really. But, for the first in their career, the Hot Pockets will appear on a compilation CD to promote a rock and roll festival in Ponferrada. On this CD will be all kinds of coolbands from all over the world, at this moment we can't tell you which bands maybe can tell you more.
More news, if you want to know what the individual Hot Pockets have been up to lately check out to read about Adam's new band We Love Molecules, Arnold and Gerry have been recording with their new surf combo the Sea Lions and Robert hasn't been playing lately as far as we know at this moment.
We know all of you want us to get back together and see us play a show but at this moment there are no plans to play again, unless somebody comes up with the big money then we might consider doing some shows and record a new LP. So you know now what you have to do, get us out of the misery!!!
Updates: the links page

January 7th, 2003. So here it is, another year, sometimes you wish time would stand still for a while but since that's not possible you just have to live with it. It's been almost 5 years since the Hot Pockets got together for the first time, and when we look at it, it seems like yesterday. One more night and Arnold and Gerry will celebrate another day but they still will be young enough to make the kind of adult orientated punkrock you like to hear!
Anyway, there's a new review of the Kiss 'N Run Lp from the Wayback Machine and on the links page a new link to Green Hell Recordstore in Münster.

December 17th, 2002. Almost the end of the year so it's poll time again and Crazy Gerry has a tip for you: The Dictators - "Dictators Forever, Forever Dictators" is the Lp of the century!!! And Gerry is sure everyone of you agrees with him. So maybe you ask yourself: "Are there no other great bands out there?" Then we say: "of course, there's you're favorite rock and roll band" but that's what you already knew! But there's more, you might want to check out the Mystery Girls, they're one of the best new bands we heard in 2002. Too bad we didn't see any special bands in Spain but, hey, you can't have it all.
Updates: Review by Jack Oblivian, Links and the Story (which is still not up to date)
By the way: Buy The Firebirds - Their Second Album!!!!

December 10th, 2002. So a little more than a month and here's another update. There's not really a lot of news to tell 'cause all the Pockets have been doing their own business. Adam is back in Canada, Robert will fly to the USA tomorrow and Gerry and Arnold are busy promoting the brandnew CD they recorded with the Firebirds. There are no plans yet to come together again which is really a bad thing looking at the current state of the dutch Punk Rock scene, the only okay bands we can think of at the moment are the Travoltas, the Apers and the Mighty Collywobbles.
Anyways, our record-boss Daniel from Alien Snatch keeps filling our mailboxes with raving reviews of the Kiss 'n Run LP (click here for new reviews from Long Gone (Australia) and We're not really sure, but it might be possible he writes these reviews himself because he keeps pushing us to record a new LP.
The Hot Pockets would like to thank again our friend Marko from Vigo for the nice actionshot he took in Ponferrada, click here to take a peek!

November 4th, 2002. Yes, your favorite rock and roll band survived Spain and to be honest, it was a blast!!! People were great, food was amazing and the weather was pretty good as well. The Hot Pockets would like to thank all the people who came to our shows. Special thanks go out to: Juan Carlos from Bloody Mary Agency, Buzz and Fredovitch from Bordeaux, the people in Bilbao, Gurka from Vitoria who will get married in a couple of days, Roberto from the Barracuda bar in Ponferrada, Marco and Monika from Vigo who invited us to their place on our day off, Alberto from Coruna, the Trashville girls from Oviedo, all the people who came to the Gruta 77 in Madrid, the people from Villalonga and to the people from San Feliu de Guixols and last, but of course not least Ricky and Barbara, our drivers and support act De Straaljagers. No thanks to Lukas the Benidork from Benidorm, who promised to pay us the day after the show but never showed so his brother had to pay instead, what a loser! Click here for a picture of the gang.

October 6th, 2002. Tomorrow the Hot Pockets will leave for Spain to play another 10 shows. While we're pretty busy packing our bags we found some time to upload the rest of the Cologne show from last year. You can find this show on the Sounds page.

September, 26th, 2002. Over a little more than a week the Hot Pockets will hit the road again, for the first time since a year. If you want to meet the Hot Pockets check here to find when and where they play.
For everyone of you who would like to take a little trip down memory lane we added 5 more songs from our show in Cologne last year, so check out the Sounds page.
More updates
: The Links Page.

September, 16th, 2002. The first four songs of the Hot Pockets show in Cologne 2001 are now published on the world wide web. So, now everyone of you can experience what a Hot Pockets show can be. More songs will follow soon.

August, 27th, 2002. Another week, another update. The dates for the Hot Pockets tour to Spain are now online.
More news: a review of the Hot Pockets singles from

August, 22nd, 2002. So, it's august in about 6 weeks the Hot Pockets will meet again in the lovely French town of Bordeaux from where they will start their tour to Spain. In the meantime we added a new review of the Hot Pockets - Kiss 'n Run LP to the reviews page. And, there is more news, a new Hot Pockets email address: At the moment we're working to get parts of the hilarious Hot Pockets show in Cologne online, so check back later!

July, 1st, 2002. Hell Yeah!!! Here is news about your favorite rock and roll band! And you won't believe it, Rockin' Bones finally released the Hot Pockets Picture disk!!! And there is more, we added some reviews of the Hot Pockets Kiss 'n Run LP (click here for German and here for English reviews). At this moment plans are to go to Spain in october, details about this tour will follow soon. So if you want to meet the Hot Pockets this year you have to come to Spain. We're sorry for our fans from the Northern part of Europe but you'll have to wait it a little longer!
More updates: The Links Page, soon to come The Hot Pockets Live in Cologne!

April, 17th, 2002. The last time we had some news to tell we had plans to go to Spain, the plans were to go there in may but unfortunately we had to change plans and had to cancel this tour. At this moment we're making new plans, maybe we'll go later this year but nothing is sure yet. So, this is some bad news but there's not only bad news, NO, there's also some good news.
The Good News: Stolen Records, the label who released MESS OF FIRE on CD will also release KISS 'N RUN on CD, so the Hot Pockets music will not any lo
nger be a privilege for vinyl junkies. But vinyl junkies don't worry, there will be new Hot Pockets vinyl as well, Rockin' Bones will finally release the Hot Pockets picture disk.
More updates: Blank Generation and from Ox-magazine reviewed Kiss 'n Run.

January, 22nd, 2002. Yes, there is some news to tell, if all goes well the Hot Pockets will play again in 2002. We're asked to come to Spain and since we never played there we can't wait to go! Check back later for more details on this tour.
We added a few thing to these pages: an article from local paper the Loeks where dutch comic artist, Barbara Stok, tells the readers which band is her favorite rock and roll band (click here to read the article). Further, we added the Live at the Vera Cd to the records page.

December, 11th, 2001. Here we are again with yet another update. More pictures of the 2001 tour, this time the Hot Pockets live at the VERA club. And that's not all, we even found a poster for the Hot Pockets show at the Vera in 1999, you can find this poster on the artwork page. More pictures of the 2001 tour will follow soon.

December, 10th, 2001. Not much happening lately at Hot Pockets digital HQ but you can click here to read the first review of the Kiss 'n Run LP. More pictures of the 2001 tour will follow soon.

November, 28th, 2001. Yes, we're still alive, there wasn't much happening on these pages the last couple of weeks because of a computer breakdown and some lethargy on this side, but anyway we're back!! It's a little more then a month since we got back from our succesfull tour, we sold all Kiss 'n Run T-shirts and all the albums we had with us. But, don't worry, you still can get the new LP at Alien Snatch. We sure had a great time everywhere we played. Münster, Cologne, Kassel and Aalborg were really special, but everywhere we went we had a lot of fun. For everyone who missed the Hot Pockets, we added a new song to the MP3 page, "All Kindsa Girls", a song the Hot Pockets only played live and which you can also find on the limited Live CD. And there is more, some pictures of the first part of the Hot Pockets Kiss 'N Run tour!
If you think, that's not enough, don't worry, there is more, you can still listen to the Hot Pockets Live at the VPRO studios, click here for the actual show (search for the Hot Pockets) or here for a review by a disappointed Jaap Boots, who liked the Victims Family so what did he expect from us?.

October, 9th, 2001. The moment you all've been waiting for, Kiss 'n Run, the Hot Pockets second LP is now officially out on Alien Snatch. Last sunday on the last show of the first part of the Hot Pockets tour in Stuttgart, Daniel, mr. Alien Snatch showed up with a box of very good looking and excellent sounding LP's. So rush to your favorite record store to get a copy or, maybe even better, order a copy on blue or red vinyl directly from
Alien Snatch. And, that's not all, you can now get Hot Pockets - Kiss 'n Run T-shirts.
The shows we did last weekend were quite a lot of fun, especially Kassel really rocked, man we love that place, Stuttgart was pretty good for a sunday and Tilburg was okay too for a first show.

October, 1st, 2001. In 5 days the Hot Pockets tour will start. Last weekend the first rehearsals with our new drummer Arnold took place and we're pretty confident for a succesfull tour. We would like you to meet our new drummer, click here to read his story. Tomorrow our Canadian buddy Kid Gollner will arrive and we will able to play as a complete band again, more then a year after the last time we said goodbye for the last time.

September, 10th, 2001. We promised you some news in September, so here we are again. This time we have some good news but unfortunately also some bad news. Let's start with the bad news. Martin, our rhythm doctor, decided to stop playing with the Hot Pockets, This, of course, is really sad news but it doesn't stop the world from turning and it doesn't stop the Hot Pockets either. So here's the good news: Arnold, the professor of beat and trusty Firebirds drummer, will fill the empty space behind the drumkit. The first chance you'll get to see him play with the Hot Pockets will be on our 2001 Tour.
05.10. - Tilburg, 013 (NL) (+Tijuana Bibles)
06.10. - Kassel, Haus (D)
07.10. - Stuttgart, Limelight (D) (+ The Transistors)
11.10. - Groningen, Vera (NL) (+ The Zodiac Killers)
12.10. - Münster, Gleis 22 (D) (+ The Zodiac Killers)
13.10. - Dresden, Groove Station (D)
14.10. - Berlin, Mudd Club (D)

16.10. - Bremen, Tower (D) (+ The Shaking Nasty's)
17.10. - Amsterdam, VPRO radio (NL)
18.10. - Koln, M.T.C. (+ The Highschool Rockers) (D)
19.10. - Emden, Grusewsky (D) (+ The Shaking Nasty's)
20.10. - Aalborg, 100Fryd (DK) (+ The Shaking Nasty's)

We feel really sorry for all the people who wanted us to play their hometown but where we unfortunately couldn't make it.

Hopefully the new Hot Pockets LP Kiss 'n' Run will be avaible on this tour so all of you can buy the record directly from the Hot Pockets and maybe even get some autographs (click here to take a look at the track listing and the beautiful sleeve).
New on the Hot Pockets
Links Page: Green Hornet, Spoetnik and The New York Dolls.

August, 16th, 2001. It's only August and there is some news to tell. Forget the tour-schedule below but check out the story page. There's news about the Hot Pockets 2001 tour and of course news about the new Hot Pockets LP Kiss 'n' Run on Alien Snatch records.

July, 23rd, 2001. Finally it's there, the CD version of the Hot Pockets debut album, so all you modern kids can get your copy of Mess of Fire. So that's good news!! But there is more, it looks like there will be another album out in a couple of months, an album with some songs the world never heard before and a few the world did hear before. So it looks like all the songs the Hot Pockets ever recorded will be released at the end of this year. At this moment we won't give you the full details so check back in september when we will give you some more information about this new hit-record!
So we already gave you some Hot Pockets 2001 tourdates, there haven been some changes and even those dates are still not 100% sure but here we go:
05.10. - Tilburg, 06.10. - Kassel, 07.10. - Stuttgart, 08.10. - Saarbrücken,
09.10. - Köln, 11.10. - Groningen (+ Zodiac Killers), 12.10. - Münster (+ Zodiac Killers), 13.10. - Dresden t.b.c., 14.10. - Berlin t.b.c., 18.10. - Emden, 19.10. - Bremen, 20.10. - Aalborg.
At this moment these are the new tourdates, but if you want to be really sure check the list again in september.
New on the Hot Pockets web-site:
The ultimate recordings listing plus some more interviews.

June, 13th, 2001. It's been more then a month but there is some news to tell. It looks like the Hot Pockets will tour again in October 2001. We already have some dates for you so don't say we didn't tell you!!
wed 03 Emden
thu 04 Bremen
fri 05 Dresden
sat 06 Kassel
sun 07 Stuttgart
mon 08 Saarbrücken
tue 09 Köln
wed 10 ???
thu 11 Groningen
fri 12 Münster
sat 13 Diksmuide
sun 14 ???
Some of these shows will be doubles with the legendary Zodiac Killers!!! Check back later if you want to be sure for more then 100%!!
There's no news on the Mess Of Fire CD yet, but you've got to remember, they have to be shipped from down under.

May, 7th, 2001. Brandnew on the Hot Pockets site, new reviews of Hot Pockets records from Drink & Drive magazine, Flipside and the Smashin' Transistors web-site. And there is more, an interview with Robert from Drink & Drive.

April, 27th, 2001. So, life goes on, even without the king of punk and there's some news to tell about the CD release of Mess Of Fire we told you about earlier. The CD isn't out yet but it will be out soon. This CD will be the first non-european release by the Hot Pockets, Stolen Records from Australia is going to release this CD.
More news: The Mess Of Fire LP got a review in MMR, read it on the reviews page. We added a link to the Official Blondie site, see the links page and for all you German visitors, you can now read the interview with Robert from Ox-magazine #34, in case you missed the printed version.

April, 17th, 2001. It's been a sad couple of days since Joey Ramone, the king of Punk passed away. Other rockstars died, but it never meant that much then this time. At times like this it makes you wonder, is it worth all the troubles playing in a rock and roll band. But, altough rock and roll will never be the same, life goes on and there's even some news to tell about the Hot Pockets.
We heard a rumour the Hot Pockets LP is available on CD right now as you read this. We can't confirm these rumours at this moment but it could be true, so check back later for more details. More news, the Italian label Rockin' Bones is going the release a picture disc by the Hot Pockets, when this will be we can't tell you at this moment but we think and hope it will be this century. Click here to take a look at the artwork for the picture disc.

March, 18th, 2001. Only a week after the last update some more news on the Hot Pockets Official Homepages. New MP3's and reviews of 2 of the Hot Pockets singles from Bazooka! Magazine. No news yet on the CD release of Mess of Fire.

March, 11th, 2001. New on the Hot Pockets Official Homepages: The first reviews of the Hot Pockets Mess Of Fire LP, go to the critics pages and read what the critics got to say about this masterpiece.
More news, the official Hot Pockets biographer, Bert van der Ro, contributed an update of the Hot Pockets story.
Even more news, now while all of you vinyl freaks are able to enjoy the sheer brilliance of the Hot Pockets it looks like the Hot Pockets will enter the digital era. At this moment Hot Pockets HQ are negociating about releasing Mess Of Fire on CD. These developments are in embriotical stages, so check back later for more details.

February, 14th, 2001. Yes, we've got some news for you, not too much though. We've updated the reviews page, you can now actually read the reviews instead of watching some blurry scans of the originals. So far it's only the English reviews but if you knew how well we type, you can imagine it took some time to redesign the page. The German languaged versions, be it Dutch or Deutsch, will follow soon.
If you didn't get our superb album yet because your square record shop doesn't carry them, go to Soundflat Mailorder, they carry all the Screaming Apple stuff.
While Adam still resides in Canada and the rest of the Pockets on the other side of the pond there are no shows scheduled yet. If all goes right the Hot Pockets will do another European tour after the summer.

January 18th, 2001. So kids, Santa didn't bring you the Hot Pockets Mess Of Fire LP. But, don't worry, the Hot Pockets found the album in their mailbox just yesterday and Truckloads are shipped to recordstores all over the world. So what are you waiting for, close your browser and rush to your local recordstore to pick up this amazing masterpiece!!! By the way, we think you already noticed, we totally redesigned our home page, amazing isn't it?

December 6th, 2000. The test-pressing of the Mess Of Fire lp found its way to the Hot Pockets. As expected everything was A-OKAY and a Half. And more, even the sleeve turns out to be a masterpiece. So now all you have to do is wait for the actual record to come out. We can imagine all of you are pretty excited and don't worry,the LP will be out this month thanks to the fine people at SCREAMING APPLE records. (see the records page)

November 22nd, 2000. The test-pressing of the Hot Pockets debut-album is on it's way to our boys. You can imagine they're pretty excited!!!
For your listening pleasure we added 2 new MP3 files to the sounds page. The Hot Pockets are sure you're going to like these new song, at least if you dig the other Hot Pockets stuff. (see the sounds page)

November 10th, 2000. New on the Hot Pockets pages some information about the instruments they play. (see the shows page)

November 8th, 2000. Added some links to some the Hot Pockets faves (the links page)

October 30th, 2000. New on the Sounds page: An amazing version of the song made famous by Blondie, Hanging on the Telephone with pictures of the Hot Pockets hanging on the Telephone.

October 16th, 2000. We added the full story of the roadblock the Hot Pockets experienced while driving to Utrecht. And if that's not enough we also added some pictures from the Hot Pockets in the world famous Vera-club. (see the shows page)

October 9th, 2000, At the shows page we added some posters for our German shows from the Hot Pockets 2000 tour.

September 23th, 2000, The Hot Pockets survived their Europe 2000 tour and played their final show at the Druckluft in Oberhausen. All of the copies of the Mess Of Fire Cd are gone. We hope all of you who are now the owners of afore mentioned Cd enjoy the recordings just as much as we did recording and performing the songs. All of you who didn't get the Cd have to be patient, hopefully we'll soon find a label that wants to release the album. We would like to thank all the people who showed up when we played. Special thanks go out to those who made us magnificent dinners and gave us a place to sleep!
Very special thanks go out to the Columbian Neckties who carried our equipment with them in their van and never complained about getting the stuff in and out of the van when the Hot Pockets were nowhere to be found!
On the Shows page you can find the first pictures of the tour.
The Hot Pockets are looking forward to get back together, unfortunately this will not happen before 2001 when we hope to make some new recordings. So, all of you who missed the Hot Pockets on the 2000 tour will have to wait a while.

The Hot Pockets Europe 2000 tour, be there and buy a copy of the very limited pre-release of the Hot Pockets album Mess Of Fire:

Sept 15 - A.C.U. Utrecht (Netherlands)
Sept 16 - Haus Kassel (Germany)
Sept 17 - Berlin Razzle Dazzle. well they chickened out. So no show tonight.
Sept 18 - Limmericks Paderborn (Germany)
Sept 19 - Sonic Ballroom Koln (Germany)
Sept 20 - Doornroosje Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Sept 21 - Gleis 22 Munster (Germany)
Sept 22 - Vera Groningen (Netherlands)
Sept 23 - Druckluft Oberhausen (Germany)

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